Jeans and Knit Shirt

Jeans and Knit Shirt

Long stretchy Jeans with shirring at bottom, sling at side, asymmetric patch at back, pockets with contrasting lining at front, decorative constrasting top stich around sewing lines. Design fonctionnal pockets at top back and on sides of legs. Thick knit shirt with rib cuffs and straps, rib band at bottom as well. Plain knit fabric at front, big pink flowers pattern at back. Second picture show close ups on fabrics, blue and pink fabric shows another option.
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    When out of stock, we can create a new similar item, not identical because all garments are hand made one by one, which makes every piece unique. But we’ll make them the more look alike possible. The article can be ordered in the same color or in different tints and fabrics. Thank you for your understanding.

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