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      Hand made Designer Jewelry                -               Sterling Silver Collection

Sterling Silver hand made fusion glas Jewelry

Free shipping when you buy for 60$ and up !

Gift with each purchase !

Origami Star Hand made

Offered with 40$ purchase

Triangle Scarf multi options

Original Sterling silver Collection, unique pieces, quantities are limited !

Sterling silver star piece Pendent Necklace
Sterling silver ajustable ring hand made designer jewelry
Bracelet stack with glass beads and Rainbow Hand made jewelry
Steling siler ring for men with Chevron Knight Symbol
Rainbow Water color hand made earings with stainless steel
Rainbow Hand made wateNecklece color with stainles steel jewelry
Rainbow Keychain Hand made with water color & Stainles steel hand made jewelry
Water drop rainbow water color pendent hand made necklace designer jewelry
Chocker Necklace with Leather cord and fuion glass hand made pendent designer jewelry
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