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Unique Designer Jewelry Creations - Custom made Water Color Paintings - Postal Wish cards


                                                                                        How it all started for me was when I was about seven and                                                                                          was already passionate about creating...

                                                                                        I learned to sew with my lovely grand-ma, by hand and                                                                                               than with a machine when I was about 10, than from 12                                                                                             to 14 I took sewing lessons, after that I decided what I                                                                                               was learning was too main stream so I stopped going to                                                                                           my class and started creating 'punk' pants with black,                                                                                                 white and red patches, by hand, not to be a rebel but to                                                                                             pursue with my own style, which evolved of course. In the                                                                                         mean time, at about 7 too, I started creating jewelry with                                                                                           my dear cousin who had a lot more material than I did. I                                                                                           asked my parents to buy me (more, cause I already had                                                                                             some and was creating different crafts) so I asked them to                                                                                         buy more material so I can create, but we didn't have as                                                                                           much money as my cousin's family so it encouraged me                                                                                             to be even more creative and I started making jewelry as



gifts for my family, especially my mom, she got tons but still love them all...!

My parents really encouraged me to create since forever, so I started making different pieces with whatever I could find.. For example, shaping an ajustable ring with a piece of aluminium cut out of, you know, those plate that goes into the oven ?

That was an awesome article to use cause we had lots and it was cheap, but mostly easy to cut and shape it in something completely new. Okay we still bought a lot of different creative things and so many books, I always wanted to learn, oh so bad..!

So I was reading, reading and reading.. Staying up so late than my dad would be mad at me, but it was fine since I was still good at school, well I was okay in everything, hum just about ok in sports, great in french classes, good in english and than I had often 98% in Arts which became a running gag in my family, when I didn't get 100% in arts they would go like - Hey where are those 2%, laughing...!

My two best friends at the time were Excellent at about every subjects in school, which pushed me to try and always get better, but the only thing that kept me going was really arts and thats the subject who actually helped me become more confident about myself. Yeah, I was good at something. People liked what I was doing, they thought I had some talent..!

That was the very thing that helped me over come the fact that I was deeply timid actually. And I'm doing way, way better today because I am pursuing my art, my passion and what I truly love.

I created all sort of different items, from note pads with stamps made from scratch by me, little dolls and stuffed animals made with fabric scraps and every thing I could find to fill them, rice was a good one, my mom wasn't too sure about that, but I was offering those little gifts as toys for my brothers and sisters so she didn't complain that much.


Of course I tried different ways of expressing my creativity, I had drawing classes which I loved, I tried ceramic, sculpting stones and other techniques which all led to my first love, creating unique items that one can wear to be different than anyone. So I stood up to my parents which thought was a dangerous decision and to Montreal, the big city, (Yeah, I'm from St-Hyacinthe) and studied Fashion Design, which was fascinating and I still create custom made clothing. But what I'm really passionate about is jewelry and now I am lucky enough to be using and shaping cool stuff like fusing glass, sterling silver, stones and way more. Yes, we can create our own reality!

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